PT Wahyu Asri Sentosa is an aircraft parts supplier based in Indonesia, providing worldwide aviation support and services. We are committed to give the highest quality parts and services to the aerospace, commercial aviation industry, and military defense market.

In order to meet and exceed customers expectations, we bring innovation, competitive pricing, high level of customer service, and product support the industry. As a supplier company, we truly understand the value of sourcing quality parts with reasonable price and lead time.

Aircraft Parts

  • Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma
  • SA 330 Puma
  • CASA C-212
  • CASA/IPTN CN-235

Aircraft Sales

Following Aircraft are currently available for sale.
CASA C-212

Contact Us

Address: Citra Gran Blok G-1, no. 39/50, Bekasi, Indonesia 17435

Call Us: +62 128 047 3554

Email Us: sales@wahyuasrisentosa.com

Sales Representative

Asri Andiani


Aryl Sherdy


Devira Anandya Chandra